Caution, Fear, Excitement, Wonder

Hello Beautifuls!!

I hope you’ve had a fantastic week!! Today I had so many revelations I thought perhaps it fair to share.

We are anxious of so much.. I read somewhere that anxiety is a product of not living in the present, which makes sense I guess. 

The following was my journey,

I saw, a girl, on the boat today, going on a snorkel safari in hope to see dolphins, she was so afraid but had decided to do this because her boyfriend had wanted to, they are young, and the love in its purity is beautiful. She reminded me that often times we push past our own fears to best support the ones we love.. she was sick the entire boat ride and when we stopped, I told her the sick feeling only gets better off the boat.. she felt better immediately when she got into the water. When you’re afraid, jump in. Throw caution to the wind.

At lunch, as a Fortuna slowed down over the sandy road of Ponta, one of the little kids jumped on the back of the car and rode through a good portion before the driver noticed him, when the boy felt the car stop, he quickly jumped off and ran off. Always keep your sense of wonder, she will grow you.. the taste of thrill in your mouth is amazing, allow these moments to happen.

The change that I’m going through in my life had me in a state at a point ... then came by the sting ray exactly the size I’d seen in Maldives, massive, beautiful.. peace... a reminder that in the midst of fear, the world continues. Don’t be so stuck in woes that you miss life’s glory and all her gifts.

On the first dive today I saw everything imaginable, a reef shark, 6 sting rays at one time, mass amounts of fish including lion fish, the second dive I saw a turtle, eels, mantis shrimp, octopus and the biggest potato bass ever seen. The dive just kept giving, a reminder that for as long as your eyes are open and you’re present, the universe will continue to give. Be present, remain in a state of awe and wonder. Some of life’s biggest gives lie right here,

Mass love beautifuls.



  1. This is so true..”Don’t be so stuck in woes that you miss life’s glory and all her gifts.”
    I’ve learnt to appreciate life, to celebrate it and all it offers. Besides the normal stuff, I’m learning to celebrate ME.

    1. I love this, its ultimately where I found my greatest happiness, a joy that could not be brought by anyone else but myself, happy living Dessy**!


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