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What would happen if you put yourself first..

I have a little story to share.. so last year May, in the midst of utter craziness in my life - both at home and work.. I decided to go away, by myself.. in about 4 days I had arranged for a one man trip to Bali, this would be my #solocation.. I hadn't asked my husband, my best friend, my sister if they wanted to come, all I knew is, I needed to be by myself for a little.. to tend to me.. to wake up and ask myself what I want to eat for breakfast.. move and breath and be as I wished with no pressure/expectation/consideration for anyone else but me..

The trip was 15 days long - part of the plan for this trip was to be lighter.. so I travelled with only a backpack and that was it..

Half of it spent in Bali, and the other half at the Gili Islands, Gili Trawangan to be specific.. what a piece of heaven!

The amount of healing I did in this time was incredible.. I came back so new.. and so fresh.. the magic was in the basic things.. being in a country I'd never been to before.. knew…

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