Flight Conversations

Hello beautifuls!!

I have a story that I thought was worth sharing about a conversation I had with a gentleman on the flight from, Johannesburg to Dubai, Im always curious and often feel flights are the perfect place for an exchange that can often be meaningful,

To first say, he is of Indian descent, arrived in South Africa when he was 19 years old to live with his dad in Durban, in hopes for a better future, he is originally from India.

Anyway, an extremely polite gentleman he was, so kind and thoughtful - typical example, he asked to take my cup after having drinks, when food came he let me keep some of my food on his tray, he then cleaned up after us,offered me chocolate after dinner as he grabbed one for himself, just a kind human.

In conversation he mentioned that he was going back home to see his mom, she had found him a wife and they’ve been married for 2 years now - over the telephone, he however had never seen her, only spoke to her over the phone. When I asked why he would agree to marrying a stranger, he responded almost as though it was common sense to all... he says my mother is alone in India, if she has found me a wife that she deems suitable, then I will marry her to make my mom happy, as well, she would never choose anything less than the best for me, she loves me.

I was taken aback, considering my last blog post, his discussion had me questioning my Privilege and if it even was possible that I may be wrong...

But then again, I’ve never been against prearranged marriages, I think they make sense too. It’s a marriage of not only convenience but merging of families in a manner that is more strategic than an individual moving from a point of feelings.

Anyway, as I Inquired more, 'what happens if you meet her and don’t like her?' 'will you bring her back with you if you like her?' 'so how do you seal the marriage if you’ve never seen her?'

He responded ever so calmly, they’ve agreed over the telephone that if he doesn’t like her he’ll leave her.. which is weird especially if the commitment has been given of sorts... if he likes her then yes he would like to move back to South Africa with her but then his mother would have no one to help take care of her... and then the last, if all is well then they will simply go and sign to make it official.

Perspective is everything, I love having the opportunity to conversate with different people from different walks in life.. it’s a Privilege to be exposed to a very different reality from how your life has shaped or is lead, it’s an opportunity to reassess your views.

I love that love can exist in multiple ways, and here she shows herself again, she will always arrive when the time is right, be it prearranged or own choosing, she arrives when she does and blesses the space, rightfully so, when she ceases to breath in a space or cannot grow anymore, she leaves.

I loved this conversation and thought I’d share, mass love.



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