I am the water...

Hello beautifuls**!

I wrote this lastnight.. I hope you can find the space to feel my heart,



I sit, the time 01:42 Cocoon island time, swaying with the waves of the water.. Frank Ocean in the background, eyes closed.

I feel everything I’ve never felt before, 

In the beginning of the evening past all of the karaoke and the fun.. I felt my dad.. as never before.. the Peace and the calm had summoned him to this space.. here and now.. we were to dance.. I’d see him like i saw him from many years while growing up.. he was present.. the present.. the Space.. the love.. the worship.. as Sade started to fill the airflow of feel he was officially summoned.. he arrived.. what happened was what needed to happen..

The Dance.. the Dad and her daughter.. as they had danced many times before before he ascended to a realm new, and without me, his dance partner, and somehow the worlds had opened up.. a moment where he and I could dance again.. 

So what do I say for the dance that has always lived in my head.. I say yes.. and sway away.. left to right.. in the way that he has always done in dance and I was a little too short for the dance and today.. here I was.. old enough, tall enough to lay my head on his shoulder.. possibly one of the most important moments.

He waited.. for what felt like forever. And here him and I stand.. im in awe.
Im grateful.

I am breath.

I am the winds that carry him to me.. and i to him.

I am everything in this moment right now.. I stop in awe.. to the universe and all of her glory,my God. For this moment that could never be tainted. That could never be taken away. In a world that often seems to take away. Who am I. A mere human, who only continues to give, serving at the altar of need.. sometimes it’s not everything that the world needs but only what one needs.

I lay me at the altar of what this space needs. A space undefined,

Im thankful

... thanks for journeying with me.



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