2019, the Resolve.

New Years Resolutions 

Hello beautifuls, so here we are at that time again, and instead of going through my next set of to dos, I thought to explore 2018's Resolutions  first and what had become of them,

The theme was 10 Rituals for Radiant Living by Robin Sharma, a summary - a commitment towards Solitude, Being Physical, Eating Foods that are alive, Reading more, Reflecting on self, Rising Early, Listening to more music and being transported by it, you and your word being one, congruent Character and aspiring for Simplicity.

This was a beautiful journey, the specific focus on personal reflection brought me to a place this December where I stopped to reflect and noted places where I had been wounded and needed to make decisions on the way forward - bold decisions some might say, Music - I've woken and come back from work and danced alone to utter exhaustion... every word every beat a movement in the physical and the spiritual, and Simplicity, well, I think I live a simple life, maybe my toys not too much lol,

The long and short, I am finding my peace, my health, my quiet, my discipline.

So what does a girl have to say about the 2019 resolve?

Being with my grandmother was amazing, for many reasons, probably the amount of pap and bread I ate this December, the ability to share meals with her, not asking for a separate plate, different food, my joburg lifestyle at her dining table, instead, BEING, eating what was served, sharing meals over crazy laughs and nuances, there is no substitute for this moment, I may have gotten a little rounder but what I have are endless memories of laughs while breaking bread together in this most intimate space.

I’m not made afraid by the rounder self - my 2018 works towards a healthier weight have benefitted me a bunch, I have confidence in what my body is and where it feels greatest, also how to get to that place - so, I could eat, celebrate and be, away from the fear of a bigger hips and a bigger bum.
So here we go, 

1. I want to be more present, in every single moment. 
2. I want to find my food freedom, the ability to eat and be without guilt - To not fear a fluctuating body because I am more than it’s perceived size and shape and worldly expectations.
And most importantly, 
3. Learning to trust the shaking voice, to allow me to be more bold and not fear the tremor - speak the spoken word and let what falls fall, the tremor often builds too.

This is the plan for 2019, being present in every single moment I can, understanding her freedoms and acting on the present moments, not future dated happiness.

I am love. I am the present gift. I am life. And a giver of life. May I always have arms open wide and a crown of magic.



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