2018 Resolutions

Hello Beautifuls!

So apparently New Years' Resolutions are so last year but for me, it's a story of how I intend to be better and hold myself accountable.. so here we go :)

In the last 3 months of this year, I decided on a routine that would force me to get through the things that were important to me daily, no matter how intense the day was, I would spend a minimum of 30 minutes on each task, there were only 3 things to be done,

1. Hit the gym
2. Read
3. Eat well, and document what I eat (App called Lifesum)

I tracked my new routine with an app called Productive, it helped loads as I planned for when each habit should be done by and I could simply mark it off once done, I haven't strictly been on my usual routine now in December but know I'll be starting up again from the 1st of Jan 2018 :)

The share is important because last year, my resolution was to be a better me but wasn't defined well enough.. at least I don't think it was, so with the new year coming, I recently read up on the 10 rituals for radiant living from the Monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma.. they resonated so deep I knew this was to be my commitment for the year as I grow, they are as follows,

1. Solitude : Daily mandatory period of peace - alone & in silence, at least 15 minutes

2. Physicality : Care for your body, care for your mind - train.. keep moving..

3. Live Nourishment : Eat foods that are alive

4. Abundant Knowledge : Lifelong learning & expanding your knowledge

5. Personal reflection : Review your day and work on improving self

6. Early Awakening : Start early and meditate at least 10min when you wake and head to bed

7. Music : feel the rhythm in your body.. move.. be transported

8. The Spoken Word : work on mantras that bring you closer to your highest being

9. Congruent Character : Act with integrity, let your word be one with your actions

10. Simplicity : Prioritise, and focus on things that are meaningful to you..

Quite a few of the listed rituals are currently in place, but for me, its making it a norm, letting your mind know these things so they don't have to be 'tracked' but become second nature.. I would particularly like to focus on Personal reflection, Music and simplicity..

I hope these words bring you closer to your next best, with that said, may you have a prosperous 2018 that exceeds all your expectations.. may you vibrate higher.. may you find yourself and fall so inlove with self that no other love can compete.. wishing you your best!




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