Bestmed Campus to Campus Road Race 2013

So I have mass respect for roadies, at this race I even had a point where I wondered if the ability to ride in a bunch or mtb technical skills were super powers, which would I choose as they are both so crucial.. I had a whole 95km's to ponder this, with mind unsure, I conclude, road races and mtb races are 2 very different sports.. they like distant cousins.. like hockey and soccer..

You learn very quickly that a 'flat race' in cycling doesn't mean no climbs, it means undulating route of sorts, this race was flat.. which means you don't stop pedaling . you're constantly working.. mixed with heavy wind.. and my lacking bunch riding skills, made for a tough ride.

It was 40 odd km's in the one direction, and a U-turn to the start now the finish, for the remainder of the Km's, same route, so I got to spot a bit of the frontline on their way back... I need to understand road races better and the rules for the elite ladies and the men..

I even had a moment of being so grateful for being part of the Bestmed ladies team, I've been blessed to ride all the MTN National MTB series this year, but also got to ride a few road races, including the Bestmed Jock race which was hella tough.. and being able to see and experience the best of both worlds, seeing Owen,our team manager put together strategy with the girls on the road.. this has definitely been an amazing year.

Suunto says I took just under 4 hours, 502m ascent, 120 hrs recovery time... yes.. fun and games.

Tough day out, with that I've decided, im taking my road bike out more, and gonna find friends to help acquire then perfect this bunch riding skill, distant cousins must still be visited and appreciated ;)


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