Engen Cycle Challenge - 103Km

Engen Road Race – 103Km

So, Saturday was Hakahanna, which had me finished by the time I was done, I ceased to exist the rest of Saturday as I will confess ‘dreaded the road race’ on Sunday ..

Road races start at 6.30am.. have you ever.. so 4am stuff face moment and off to Pretoria I was.. the elite ladies taking off at 6.45am.

So, the happy bit when racing road is the Bestmed ASG ladies team, Sunday was  An-Li Kachelhoffer, Linda Van der Biggelaar, Michelle Benson and Desray  Sebregts, and I. Thing is, these girls are hella fast, I don’t know how they keep so calm and and and, but I love spending time with them on their terrain too though it not be my cuppa J

I'm semi happy I held on longer than my last attempt to this bunch before I merrily let go. Someone needs to explain the surges to me.. we started.. then there was a ‘brakes’ moment.. then go.. then brakes.. soo much concentration.. in one of these surges, not paying attention, my worst nightmare almost came true.. me.. tar burn, after months of accusing my road bike of ineffective brakes, I realize they work, and in this moment they worked. While crawling out of the horror that almost happened, the bunch was going, faught to catch up, back in, one more ‘brake’ moment at the bottom of a climb and they were gone.

Needless to say the bunches that followed were hella strong, fun to sit a little then let go, yes, that bunch riding thing. Legs were still torn from Hakahana so the day was hard, it took every bit of mental strength to not take the medium route and to finish. Wind towards the finish.. a big man came past and gave me slip, bless his soul, I’m certain I would have been out there for another 20minutes had he not come past.

Twas a lovely route, with interesting long climbs and I don’t remember many downhills.. but yes, a few rutted scary areas especially on climbs but good mileage now that I can ride a road bike J
Discussion after with An-Li & her dad if mtb’ers are stronger, we finalized at roadies are stronger cause they can hold the same pace for hours at good cadence while mtb’ing races are never really like that unless it’s a roadie stage of sorts.

Can you imagine what happened after this race? Yes, after a 22 hour training week, legs were done with me, rested on Monday, sports massage from Joanne was hella sore as she took out the knots in my thighs.. and Tuesday was back on the bike.. yes, I love this place! Suunto says i need 290 hours recovery time, this is true, we can catch up on this rest next week as we taper for Pioneer  :)


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