Going slower to get faster...

What an interesting few weeks its been..  with that, I've been a stranger to my blog ...apologies.. putting the words down is always a good place to start:)

So my last post was from The Bridge Cape Pioneer Trek, after this awesome stage race that I love to pieces, I somehow took a break.. a break that ended up longer than expected.. I'd had a big year and some may call it burn out.. but Princess and I weren't spending as much time as expected, instead, I started running, loved it,a few friends then asked me to ride the The Coronation Double Century, a sucker for pain always, I ofcourse said yes :) this has to be the most beautiful road race I've ever ridden, with all that said 200km is ....far... yip.. far, but the most amazing experience with our support team having made the experience even more amazing, some towing and we eventually made it to the finish as a team so we got second medals for that-awesome!

After DC was more running and no biking... the long and the short, I'm back in base training, got back from holiday with HR sky high on minimal efforts, I'd been far from consistent and knew I'd need serious help to get back, coach in place, we started our training from beginning March, he's been making me ride at a much lower heart rate.. Our first week was dismal.. I had to ride less than super easy..my curious self that loves pushing was left in awe as I let Mr Coach do the leading, we're a few weeks in and things are starting to look good, heart doesn't peak at minimal efforts.. feels good to be able to ride steady.. to keep a steady effort of sorts, I've been training on the road bike.. alot.. sigh.. this weekend however, I took Princess for a spin.. what joy! We had a ball! I'm definitely made for the mountains... something woke again, past the fact that #PrincessPinarello is a beast, I'm one happy girl and so excited for the mtb season and the year ahead!

Panorama next weekend, I'm freaked out... cross fingers I survive this.. we all know Sabie has thee most glorious climbs.. all advice is most welcome, I don't think I've ever spent 4 days on the road bike like I'm about to.. (○_○")

Ps, thanks to a gent I met at the Emperors Palace road race last week...Greg, who reminded me why i write..when I do ;)



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