The happiness factor.. :)

So the past week and a bit I've been privileged enough to get some longer rides in during the week in addition to my normal routine which has lit absolutely every light within me and just breathed new life to the relationship between me and my bike.
The reminder of the freedom that exists on the bike.. the ability to be in your own space and just be absolutely engulfed by the moment.. when you push harder, when you cruise and any bit of single track that wakes the child in you..

Winter can be difficult with waking to train outdoors, so you spend lots of time on the indoor trainer in the mornings … it can get a bit mundane.. along with this has been a weird fatigue towards the end of the week.. Tyron reckons it could be my iron levels that I need to get checked.. makes sense cause I’m not the greatest meat or supplements fan but I want strong intervals and great rest days so this needs to be addressed soonest!

In other news - in addition to all the happiness, was the Bestmed Jock Cycle Challenge the past weekend on  the road bike in Nelspruit – grueling,  growing and I’m a climber now J, but the Jock got me craving my mountain bike badly, so Sunday morning I woke to Heia Safari for a nice technical session, playing on the bike, a fall or 2, many climbs, some awesome drops, awesome rocks, awesome switchbacks.. Heaven.. I love my mountain bike!!

I’ve attached pics from my missions, learning to #selfie, work Instagram and share my passion more J



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