26 and 6 days :)

So my birthday has come and gone, with the last of the celebrations being last night... i love this life i live..August has been super great..

Update from the previous week is short and sweet :). 

I managed to cycle a little, run a little and strength train with my +1, all this came with lots of joy - also affirming the things that make me happy.. moving and embracing the skin and body i live in*

I've eaten well, declined having a taste of my delicious birthday cake (carrot cake), declining my birthday cupcake at L'corish (my +1 had it) and cracking at the sight of berry ganache at Kong Roast last night, but every bite well worth it**! Date night beautiful as usual, but the order of the day - pursuing making better food choices**!

Fond farewell to the amazing month that August has been, and with everything September shall be, I've decided to take on the Whole 30 clean eating challenge.. no cheating.. just good food.. with no ingredients (no milk with my coffee.. no cheese with my omelette - ps. cheese and milk are good, just a little test, i'm sure ill be counting the days to 1 October**!) ... but another chance to encounter my temple and see what makes her operate even more efficiently, feel even greater and stronger to pursue more. I'll keep you updated on the progress and eats - i don't post pictures of all eats/workouts but lets work on the best meal/session of the week :) (Yes i could do with some support on this mission of mine so feel free to start Day 1 of the Whole 30 with me tomorrow**!)



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