Bidding farewell to 25.. yikes**!

So the past few weeks have been many things but not the most productive in my sporting endevours, mid July was the resigning, prepping to move out of our old place and into our new beautiful home as of 1st August, but as we all know, these things come with mass emotions and a halt to the norm. It's never easy asking to leave to pursue more for yourself at work, but also, the packing being a breathing, living nightmare.. and then the unpacking.. out of air, out of sync, new office, new home - here and nowhere being a very familiar place. All this, tumbling everything you know, including the amount of traffic you encounter getting to work.. so yes, heavy, but I'm pulling through.

Guess the biggest factor of this post is Change is inevitable, it's so hard when we go through it but so good soon as we've come out of it and adjusted to things being a little different, like having to leave home way earlier, to accommodate quite a bit of traffic to make it to work on time.. messing with the old pushing you to create new habits = no morning training but the drive to do it after work.. sigh..

As i reflect on the eve of my 26th birthday, so many memories come to mind. The last 3 years of my cycling has been beyond amazing teaching me more than i ever knew about myself... my first year passionately oblivious, taking massive steps not realizing how big this cycling world is but just enjoying being on the bike, year 2, being desperate.. desperate to get better on the bike.. willing to give up all just to get faster.. losing my sense of gratefulness even when i'd had a good race.. not good.. year 3 being more passionate, understanding what it takes to keep your fitness and understanding that things don't always go as you'd like and being okay with it.

I've been very fit and I've been very weak, I've hated and loved my body, I've had my eating dramas, everything revolving between normal and extreme, and as i bid farewell to my first quarter century, i take on 3 things that i'd like to focus on moving forward, i want to

1. Eat Well
2. Train Hard
3. Work Hard

In that order exactly. It all starts with food as i pursue a clean eating regimen, my version of clean eating.. being the boss of my own body.. listening to it and not letting the world crowd it with rights and wrongs. Pursuing the consistent love and appreciation for my body, my temple.. its never not gotten me to the finish line no matter how hard a race was.. I've never run and fallen and not get up and finish.. my legs, body, mind and will have always been on my team... and for this reason, giving my temple the respect it deserves. Work hard in balancing everything, understanding i may work more now but family, friends, training and everything else is equally as important.. wanting to pursue all i love.. cycling, running, strength training, yoga... and sharing all of these experiences as best i can with my +1.. so my posts will be a little bit more rounded, incorporating everything i love :)

Gone with the uncertainties, in with 'its okay to make a mistake' 'its okay to sometimes not know' 'its okay to step out of your comfort bubble to fill bigger shoes' 'its okay to not be a size 0'  and lastly.. 'its okay to let love completely fill every part of your being, not allowing fear to dictate your steps, but liberated by faith, hope and love.. and the greatest of these 3, being love ' :)

Happy new week everyone**!


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