Chicken Shit

So an update from the previous week - the pursuit to eat well is going great, no strength training from the past week as i was just feeling pap. Rode the weekend which was awesome but probably the most important ride was my Saturday ride, I haven't done an out-ride for the last 6 weeks probably so Devlyn asking me to ride with him was daunting.. to paint the picture, he is proper Afrikaans built..has to be about 2m tall with carves for days and his just strong... if you know what i mean.

The most interesting thought around all this was this : either I know how to pick em, or they just know how to pick me... the hurt locker place..He's been commuting to work so hes gotten quite strong, did i mention he used to race BMX in his younger days????

Anyway, after much deliberation, we went for our ride on the Spruit which was beautiful but included chicken shit moments.. i was scared to take chances..this is always a good thing cause the reminder of what courage is changes everything.. i needed this wake up.. headed to our coffee stop we had a few grumpies on route which didn't make sense as they were either with kids or solo.. how can you be angry on the bike then? I however had reason to be grumpy - feeling like the arse end of diarrhea on every climb as my chest burned i chased those carves ...towards the end, realizing that Bryanston is not flat.. sigh.

He has suggested we ride to work together... says my pedigree shows.. this could have been awkward but he says he can see i can ride a bike.. which is good... I think..

We start commuting to work tomorrow.. i'm chicken shit for that too but when courage knocks, i welcome her with open arms.. we are nothing if we never embrace that first step and try.. will keep you updated on our venture**!

Rode again in PTA on Sunday with a few friends, great ride that landed me with my chin on the edge of a concrete block thing trying to avoid falling into the river.. i was pulling stunts as we all know and i came short proper... landing on my chin rang alarm bells but luckily there's no major damage, little skin, bit o blood- thank heaven for the stuff I'm made of :) but i'm certain I'll show that little trickster who's boss next week!

Happy new week all**


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