Outsourcing Humanity

So we've had an intense week of strength training and good eating :), so greeeat**! I'm a bundle of joy with finding rhythm on the bike again and being more consistent = managing work better :)

This weekend has been a rather interesting one and figured i'd share my thoughts..

So i had an epiphany this weekend of how we've become so independent ...we've lost probably the most beautiful part of what it means to be human and being present - we outsource everything that requires effort including being a friend and showing up for family, anything that doesn't desperately need your personal touch will be outsourced. Perhaps this has always been me as I stepped into the shoes of independence - at the tender age of 15 starting work on weekends so i could afford my own jeans, movie outings and all things that make teens happy..  many years later i know how much I've perfected outsourcing... 

I was taken aback by seeing family and neighbours giving their evenings in the week to assist the mourning family, their hard earned weekend to assist the family in mourning, from the peeling of the potatoes, washing dishes and cleaning a house that was not theirs... we don't stretch ourselves so much anymore... not with family or friends... we are uncomfortable with the thought of being uncomfortable... 

This whole encounter reminded to not let go of the most beautiful part of our culture - spreading myself more, in places where my presence/ touch or voice can make a difference, ill be there.. a commitment I've made to myself.. less selfish, more selfless.

In this as well was the reminder of how often we neglect the elderly at these gatherings while seeking comfort of sorts amongst our peers, I in this case didn't have comfort as an option, with my +1's family always a daunting place.. i decided to tuck and roll and spread myself... with this i encountered a different people, a different language, a different culture... moments of not understanding what was being said but the love that flowed past the circumstance enriched me..all those hours so golden and treasured. We spend many weekends with friends and colleagues yet we still give away the opportunity to pick at these rich diamonds still available to us.. paradigm shift has happened.. i love the shoes I've stepped into and the woman i see rising, happy new week all**!

You're the only guard to the light that shines within you.. be selfless.. at its dimmest the light still breaks the darkness



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