The commute and the Juma

So I've had a rather excitable last 2 weeks, I've started commuting to work with a colleague who happens to be hella strong too.. last week was our first week and i must say the transition from the indoor trainer attempts and an out-ride have proved... futile.. maybe not futile as such but Devlin's just hella strong.. as i begged at the foot of his calves on every climb to work, i knew i was in for a constant beating till i can at least hold my own on a climb..

So the long and the short: the commute from home, meet Devlin and ride to work is just under 30km and 588m ascent (Fourways to Selby), but from Devlin to work its just under 25km and 480m climbing. Way home is about 280m climbing and 500m odd descent so yes, the rides  home are crazy fun and games while the ride to work is the personality test... this week  however we ended the week on a win on Friday.. we shaved off a good 7 minutes on the travel to work.. my Suunto loves me, i needed to be told i was getting better next to my encouraging riding partner, even the Linden climb doesn't feel as horrid anymore.. i'm happier being back on the bike.. so needed <3

The most notable thing... riding through the center of town isn't as bad as i would have thought(yes there are crazy moments)... the taxis seem to understand.. the cars accommodating.. mornings frantic with Metros making the inner city more manageable :) bet ya'll never seen the beautiful waterfall just past the bridge towards Milpark/Empire road..  this commute has been a young suffer fest but more a pleasure too!!

Another excitable happening last week was being asked to join a few mtb'ers to ride a few of the new additions to the HollardJuma....boy oh boy what a party!!! There was all the cool kids including Mike Hewan (the Complete Cyclist Machiiiiine with legs to go ;) ), Neil Evans, this invitingly mysterious gent who was our route guide and part of the route building team, baggies and all, he's also known as the Spruit fairy, this was very awesome to hear as I've been very impressed with the bridges on the Spruit and the cleaned up and amplified bridges sure makes for some Urban fun at your door step!! And of course, our host, Andy Hadfield, a very intriguing gent, playful at most but works his iphone impressively too!!

Okay, so where do we start.. we rode up to Montgomery Park from Marks Park, through Melville Koppies, we had a young mechanical, more laughs and proper play mode on the bike then i had to dash back to the office... work.. sigh... but am so happy they let me ride for a few hours still**! 

I picture this race is going to be insane.. just because Jozi mtb'ers are awesome with a fair dash of crazy, the race prize purse has been rumored to be quite high so yes, this will attract the racing snakes too but it will also attract the Spruit lovers, beginners everybody... i picture myself in a pink ballerina outfit going crazy.. yes.. I'm excited if i may say so myself, I've posted a few pics from the ride, picture these x100!

There are still a few entries available, HollardJuma is on 12th October - if not why not ;)



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