You cant put out what you haven't put in..

Another week has gone by where due to work restrictions i ended up not getting on the bike, not even once in the week.. in short I had a pretty tough weekend on the bike .

On Saturday my +1 and i had a do to go to so i missed the morning ride and had to make this up in the late morning ride going into the afternoon.. hot.. windy.. uncomfortable.. just constant hot insistent wind.. with all the will in the world and 'win talk' with my legs.. i just felt flat.. i eventually stopped at Home of the Chicken Pie to get some sugar in my system -Coke :) in hope to make it home with a sense of humor still.. yes it helped :)

And again this morning we went out for a ride with a few friends, nice and early as i see my nieces today**! But i just had another wet sock ride.. out of place and just off.. started strong but couldn't carry it.. it got me to exactly this thought.. you cant put out what you haven't put in, these inconsistencies on the bike pretty much sum up what my riding has been like for the last 3 odd months.. inconsistent,, and with that.. i choose to be better.. i love the bike and somehow the heavy wind didn't eat at me at the Bestmed Satellite Classic.. i was at a happy place regardless.. weird. And again, much as i sulked, it was a blimmen good ride with some awesome downhills and great company.. the bike is a special place.. no one but you can dictate what happens on it and what keeps you going.. <3 

Everything that happens in our lives is a result of choices that we make.. i love my work.. intense and crazy as it is.. i still choose health... my bike... being and feeling good.. with that mantra said.. its gonna be a great training week! **,)/*

Funny thing is even at your worst ride.. you realize how much it stretches you to endure more.. not just on the bike, but in life.. you've committed to the cause and cant just back out cause you having a tough ride.. the finish is the only option.. perhaps that's the best part about the bike :)

Now time with my nieces**! 

Happy new week beautiful people**!



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