So the past week was rather interesting.. i was doing great on the 'consistency' train on the bike, then my train broke down.. i don't know what happened but it got me thinking about Absolutes.. do they even exist? Yes the hours allocated for training are absolutes.. work is an absolute but surely there should be some give to the expectation.. I realized i very much love red wine but am not quite enjoying it at the moment, unsure if its just cause i battle to down it or the morning after feeling.. when my training is compromised because i feel like hell.. off 1 glass of wine.. weak :(

I then decided, instead of beating myself up over sessions not done, i could find happiness and respite in the fact that though i wasn't consistent on the bike, i ran.. and ran.. and ran.. I've never felt stronger in my run.. it felt like that's exactly where i had to be where the air in my lungs broke into the biggest feeling of being alive... steady ...not the fastest and just not pushing too hard.. absolutes.. i realize that my absolute is keeping fit, being healthy, living life and just being present in the moment.. its being consistent with moving.. and breathing and pushing boundaries.. it need not be in one particular discipline.. just the moving.. and breathing and pushing boundaries..


Some pics from the past week as i enjoy being present in every moment..my greatest blessing being an aunt.. a sister and a friend.. Happy new week good people**!
My Training Partner #SuuntoAmbit #Runs

Pic that came up after yoga session last week #NikeTrainingClub

My new obsession.. Night riding :)

Intervals and Intervals

End of year function happiness :)

Yes.. i need to learn this :)

Basil, Chives, Beets, Baby Spinach, Parsley and Carrots #Mygarden

Nieces birthday.. and love ..and love.. and love..


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