Week 2 - 2015

Hello beautiful people**!

A little update on the New Year,perhaps the gist of it has been work and home,been battling with my recovery after training so reckon it's time to go see my doc to get my iron levels checked and make sure all is in order..

Pics below are from the ride we did on Saturday with some awesome people with big hearts and strong minds, I sadly couldn't finish the tough ride set out as I lost strength in the ride but twas still awesome spending time on the bike and the biggest thing,realising something is not right,will give an update after my meet with my doc today.

In other news,it's a new week,a new chance to try harder,do more,push your limits  and an opportunity to say no to one more thing that isn't good for you ;)

Make it happen **!


Photo cred : Gugu Zulu :)


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