So I cannot believe my last post was in January.. nope I have not been on my bicycle this whole year.. it's been a crazy year for me..

I possibly haven't written cause the one thing that inspired me, my ultimate outlet had to take a back seat while I worked.. heavily.. for me, lacking the strength to ride through late nights at the office met with Saturdays where you just want to unwind yet no part of your body has ambition to move made it rather difficult, but I'm starting again 😊😊

This changed yesterday, I knew I had to write and if anything, share the bit of knowledge that stopped my world and grasped my heart.. the realisation that I was not alone in my qualms about work life, success and the things that hinder us as a country.. the relief.. to know that you're not the only one fighting.. that sigh of relief was my outlet to this post..

A friend of mine got an invite to join this conference called 'Professionals in conversation' sponsored by Old Mutual, knowing the things that we want in this life, she immediately sent me the invite and of course I was coming with, it was not even in question, I reserved my spot, Saturday morning flew by and before we knew it,it was 3pm and we were at the Fire and Ice hotel in Melrose Arch, not knowing what to expect but were eager empty cups waiting to be filled.

They had phenominal speakers and an inspiring facilitator of events who dropped gems eveytime he stood up to introduce the next speaker and in the beginning when he told us a bit about himself.. I realise it's a Sunday and I can't write a mass essay but I figure after an afternoon and evening that lit my fire again, it was crucial that I woke this morning to debrief.. everything I'd heard pinned up against everything I want, the best route to get there and the people I need to surround myself with in this journey as one of the speakers mentioned to not be fooled by having a bunch of people around you thinking they'll be there for you while their a bunch of casualties.. quite interesting  considering how many of us downplay the instinct that tells us those whom we shouldn't be around yet for pleasantries we are willing to sail off our dreams as the crowd who intend to remain where they are drown out our dreams and visions for more till you're also an 8-5 person.. sigh.

I've always believed people don't need to shower you in their accolades.. at the end of the day its a question of taking in what you need to move forward and dump the clutter, we are raised to respect all regardless of who they are or where they come from, acknowledge the moment, take what you need and keep moving.. one of the speakers started his inspiration talk this way, Songezo Mabece.

With all that said, here's my summary of the speakers, I figure many people were turned away to this event when it reached capacity, knowledge is nothing if not shared to benefit those around you - it's all about access.. In everything.

As per above, you can Google the below people on their accolades 😊😊

Session 1

Feroz Basa
- Start saving early and at retirement, invest wisely.
- Find a hobby, you need an outlet.

Kganki Matabane 
- You need to have a career plan
- Position yourself to be visible, be known, identify the people who will sell you to the right people. Decisions are made about you when you're not there.
- Havard Business Review : managing your career
- Corporate SA is not changing, maybe its not changing fast enough. But with funding for black industrialists becoming more apparent, the conversation about a black bank needs to be had.
- Differentiate yourself between the person you are and the position you hold, some people only know you because of your position, when the position goes, they go, but if they know the person you are, they'll pick up your call.

Saki Zamxaka
- What would you do if you were not afraid?
- We are fooled by randomness
● We overestimate causality - some things are just random
● We look for explanations where there are none
● Survivorship biases - we focus on winners and forget the loses,  we can't all be Bill Gates but there are certain things that guarantee success
- Compound Interest - if you don't understand it, you pay it, if you do, you earn it.
- We wait for the big bonus, the big job for our big break to come, if we just started saving, a little bit monthly,  we can make our dreams happen more realistically.

# Find a gap in the market if you want be an entrepreneur but don't get caught up in the hype as not everyone is made to be an entrepreneur.
# Mentors help clear the clutter and help you make decisions
# Identify the people doing what you want to do, try meet with them. Find a way to make yourself a priority to them.
# Lose the shame if you're going to be a good networker.
# Understand your market

Session 2

Henry Van Deventer
- In corporate you sell your time, wealth and success are not the same thing, the one doesn't necessarily translate into the other.
- Do something that is meaningful to you : does your work allow you to make a difference in your world?
- We live in a world of short lived happiness.
- Financial independence : how much do I need to secure in order to start doing the things I want to do and not what I need to do.

Sandile Hogana
- Dream bigger than yourself and realise your true potential - are you creating generational wealth? Did you build something bigger than yourself?
- Processes are the catalysts that delivers from yourself to the consumer.
- Financial Leverage came at disproving the notion that black people cannot save together.
- In your path of acquiring wealth, never forget where you come from.

Songezo Mabece
- The acceptance of a colonial system made to look fancy under a new government is where our problem is in South Africa as a nation.
- African identify is the language of business.
- What is success if it doesn't breed more success.
- Know self.

Andile - Event Organiser
- Your scope of knowledge cannot formulate ideas it has not comprehended before.
- What have you done in your years of living on this earth, by 30 Steve Biko had made his mark.
- We celebrate small achievements so much we end up fooling ourselves into thinking we actually achieved when in reality, we have not achieved.

Siya Mapoko -Facilitator
- What gets you into trouble is the things we know for sure that just ain't so.
- Alot of people get ahead during the time that others waste
- Forget results, think behaviour. Are your behaviours congruent with the results you want. ---》Results come too late
- How can you be somebody that everybody wants to know? It's not about who you know.
- If you're going to find a mentor,
# add value first
# take interest in their lives
# you influence by doing something for them first and then you ask
- Forget discipline, think habits, build the habit muscle.
- Self awareness, stick to what you're good at, don't let people judge you on your weaknesses, you can always find people who compliment your weakness, be the best at what you're best at.

I hope you enjoyed this read, do share with those who might need the inspiration, thanks for listening ♡

Some pics from the event


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