The problem with future dated happiness..

Hello beautiful people, so its been a long time since I've written.. I've decided, again, every so often, I would pen my thoughts to paper.. and share with you..

Found this flower on the streets of Bali.. so beautiful!
For a very long time, I've felt bothered by societal pressures (still am).. felt that people needed to find the balance between living up to these man made expectations of what it means to fit in and allowing your most authentic self to take shape meaningfully.. these expectations include marriage, children, beauty ideals and all kinds of assumptions of achievement which are based on bull dust..

Ive grown.. I'm 29 this year.. this has possibly been my most successful and confusing year with self.. and I'm okay with that, possibly because I recently made the decision to stop future dating my happiness, specifically, to that particular weight/body that seems ever so illusive.. I decided to live my best life ... now..

Girl of my dreams**!
If you know me, you'll know I've always been an athlete, I haven't always been small, but Ive always been fit and strong in my body.. the past year or 2 my training came to a stand still with intense work commitments.. and this year July, I made the decision to get back to training.. to get back to knowing the strength in my body.. being able to carry my body and just the continuous challenging of self.. with fairly good eating habits and gym 5 times a week, I've lost very little weight and only recently started seeing a change in my body, so in almost 4 months, nothing happened.. no matter how intense my training was..

Current situation..

This said, we went on holiday recently and the dawn of my future dated happiness was put to the test, we were going to Bali, the ever so beautiful, close to the equator piece of happiness that would require me to find acceptance with my body and live.. and I did.. very much so.. I wore shorts and bikinis daily.. and before I knew it.. I was reminded that I am not my body, but still, I wouldn't choose a body different.. my body is strong..and beautiful.. and has persevered and endured through so much.. it is so strong.. and I'm honestly.. quite a lucky girl!

Crazy lover of handstands.. working on walking.. :)

At the top of a cliff.. beautiful scenery!

My love.. the sea! Snorkelling.. next.. Scuba Diving..

Strength in self ..

We climbed to the top of the waterfall... minimum 500 steps to the most amazing sacred..

Im often amazed by how flexible my body still is.. God**!

I love to play.. :) 

This post and trip was important for me because it affirmed 2 things,

1. Other peoples mental limitations/expectations have nothing to do with you.. both can exist.
2. Once you have found your inner peace, your insecurities disappear.. you stop living in fear, but live your best life yet.. strength and beauty can never be defined by just one person or media or anyone for that reason, you decide on it.. and you start to embody it, once your mind, soul and body know what it looks like.. love*

Live.. Love.. Happiness!


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