Going to church.. first ride of the year**!

So I went to church today.. and it was beautiful..

First ride in the New Year and my legs felt amazing.. the ride was incredible.. I wanted to share a few things that made this ride special..

1. I woke not wanting to ride, babe made us ride - in short, get up, even if you don't feel for it, just start and allow the journey to carry you
2. I battled quite a bit on climbs in KZN.. this is part of why point 1 was the case.. it was incredible feeling strong in my body.. again.. show up..

Lastly, and the most important lesson from todays ride was, if your mind gives up at the bottom of a climb.. you're not making it to the top.. it was the choosing to ride the climb.. taking it a step at a time.. making it mine.. it had nothing to do with anyone else.. by the time I got to the top I felt the climb may have been a false climb.. but it wasn't.. I'd just taken my time, I got to the top strong.. and naturally, the ride got easier from there.. the life lesson in this..

Push yourself, it gets easier once at the top, and somehow my heart reminded me that only helpers are found at the top.. those who have climbed the highest mountains don't take for granted the work it takes to get there, so they become helpers.. look out for the helpers <3

For the first time in a while I thought about Gugu today.. intensely so.. how he'd wait with you.. encourage.. be your biggest fan on each and every ride.. an emotional ride..look for the helpers..

Some pics from the ride (yes we didn't have helmets on.. its a long story but we were safe, promise)

Way I'm loving my Fox shorts.. so flattering :) no one will ever understand the  derriere  struggle when it comes to cycling shorts..

Yes.. I have a thing with cow traffic..

My ultimate love.. I was flying when I saw this pic and rode back for a pic lol

My love.. <3

Route from Strava



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