The beauty of change..

Hello beautifuls!!

So I've been back on the bicycle for a little now.. but have also been training quite a bit.. I've found that I've become less.. of.. wanting to be the fastest or the strongest.. but sitting somewhere closer to .. my best reps.. where form is key.. the bicycle however.. still so sacred.. but every stride so much more.. I've always loved being on the bicycle.. its always been so magical..

The year has started in a different way to the norm.. forcing me to make decisions that I would rather not make.. forcing me to choose me.. again.. and this moment.. and every day in this new year has been not only a dream in the midst of the most mediocrity at work.. but has also come with so much peace.. I'm not afraid..

Happy New week beautifuls! Enjoy the pics from todays ride, not the most scenic but it was scorching hot and the route back home was so windy we definitely made up for the lack in climbs with fighting the craziest winds.. I'm a weird one to ride with.. I think hubbs is handling well :)


It was so scorching.. my legs were finished from the wind.. I jumped in full.. *****!!!!

So blessed**!

Choose you, 



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