The dark place..

Hello Beautifuls!

I hope you're having an awesome week thus far,

I went on a ride yesterday, that a day later, has brought me back to this place, the blog, where I share a little about the 'dark place' I went into,

Meh.. the sand.. 

The ride was difficult.. Im not sure it was the massive amount of sand everywhere that frustrated my already unwilling legs or if it was the fact that I'd just gotten new tyres who's first ride was this ride and it felt like I was trying to push a tractor uphill, but alas, here we are,

I've always called time on the bike church, and it is, but the service yesterday was slightly different.. I was tested..

Most beautifuls views..

Once we turned back towards home, from quite possibly one of the most beautiful rides I've been on in Lephalale, the  frustration began, maybe continued, as Grant put the hammer down and I was giving everything to sit his wheel, it was simply impossible with the loose sand, after a while, I could see Grant's flashing backlight going further and further away from me.. I succumbed to the dark place.. feeling so sorry for myself.. feeling weak.. feeling defeated, not only by the external elements, but my inner fight was on mute.. I haven't gone into the dark place in a while.. after the flashing red light disappeared into the dark, I woke, almost as though the reminder that only I could get myself home dawned.. and when it did, the legs agreed.. and a fast paced spin got me home..

The hurt-a-nator..

...somehow, the feeling I had in yesterdays ride surfaced today, almost as though, a reminder to see it, recognise it, and note the decision I made in the midst of the dark place.. and perhaps remember it, so I share : Never ever forget, only you can pull yourself out of your dark place, there can be help infront of you (Grant), but thats not what you depend on, as this help is simply that, assistance, it takes you choosing to get out and choose to go forward.. and once you do that, everything bows to ensure your win.. whatever that win is.. Happy Tuesday beautifuls <3

Ps, The ride was hard and stubborn, but it was beautiful,



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