Vasbyt.. and the Absa Cape Epic Prologue..

Hello beautifuls.. so this week has been very interesting for me, with a new found friend prepping for the Absa Cape Epic.. I found myself re-living my experience..its amazing the depth of pain the human spirit can endure.. makes you realise how much further you could go, just by digging a little deeper..

..I do love her..

We watched the prologue this morning with so much respect for all the riders.. I've always loved Ariane (Luthi), she took second today, Ariane introduced me to Annika (Langvad), they were team mates for 3 Epics I think.. Annika now, is something else.. her strength.. makes me believe that anything really is possible if you put your mind to it.. watch her and tell me she doesn't inspire  purple clouds, anyway, she took first today with Robyn de Groot taking 3rd.. now we all know Epic, todays results tell nothing of the next few days of 'vasbyt' even for the pro teams.. 

Anyway, I haven't trained since Wednesday.. I felt such fatigue.. and with that decided to rest, again :) and eat.. lots.. not my most clever decision but here we are.. so after watching the prologue today I found inspiration and went for the most beautiful ride.. and in these moments my peace is found.. and as always, closest to my maker..

 I hope you always choose and chase the things that make you smile.. the things that make you happy from so deep inside, that no one could ever take that happiness away.. its can be shared but never taken away..

I hope you have an awesome week beautiful.. and are reminded daily of the strength you have within you!!

The link to the epic video that reminded of the intense taste of pain.. the year where I broke, for a little ---->

And more pics from todays ride, love**!

Chase these..

The love I have for this woman right here.. how we have journeyed.. I wake daily in awe of the  temple I've been blessed with..

Happy New Week loves!



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