The Art of Kindness..

Hello beautifuls!

I hope you're well and all those good things.. the week has been full.. so full.. so I thought I'd write.. cause thats what I do when I brim over..

If you follow any of my social media accounts you'll note that I spoke a lot about kindness this week..

I got this picture from I friend and felt it was so relevant..

The space and place where it comes from is so deep.. and so wide.. I don't know how to envelope it.. and perhaps we shouldn't seek to..

So I've been bullied before, growing up, I was often an outsider in 'common ' spaces, just because I was what I was and apparently to some, I smiled too much.. which meant I was fake and that was the reason why on most days in high school, after school was me in the middle of a circle of girls going on about how 'unreal' I was.. this went on to many physical insults being thrown in, obviously in hope to break me.. I never understood it.. anyway, I escaped all that by throwing myself in all things that reflected me, sports.. hockey to be precise, I played hockey and found a family that accepted me and my happiness without judgement.. where I could be myself without needing to explain why I was the way I was..

Fast forward to many years later, I have the smallest circle of friends.. I don't know why but it just is.. I don't know how to explain myself but I know that I've always needed kindness in the space for me to be accepted, kindness looked like not judging me because of how I looked.. kindness was not being asked to explain myself or how I am or behave.. kindness was a smile when I walked into a room even though I didn't 'fit'.. this scene plays itself out in so many places.. my business partners and I had just signed the biggest deal, stuck in Sandton traffic we decided to pop Champagne at the Radisson.. because I am what I am, the waiter gave me the look of 'you don't belong here' .. I've become so used to it.. I squirmed and we sat, as my one partner noted my discomfort he said 'she'll never see that kind of money in her life, you don't need to look like money to be money', in short, we live in a world where the people who wait the door are judgemental to those who walk into the establishment to give support almost as though they hold guard for the owners.. anyway, I appreciated his words and enjoyed the bubbles.. the stories are endless, but perhaps I come to this space to share because kindness is so crucial..

Humans are so volatile, we grow up in all kinds of homes, we all have our own struggles, it might be financial, it might be weight, it might be social acceptability, it might be insecurities that are rooted so deep we don't know how to reach in to heal ourselves.. yet we walk these streets, wherever we are, we choose to wake.. we choose to carry on.. we choose to participate in life.. we accept invites we find awkward to hold the door closed to questions.. everyday, we choose, to pitch up.. and be.. and push.. and attempt another day.. to do better.. we just keep trying.. no one needs judgement of any kind at the end of our efforts and strength..

I'm sorry for the essay but if this could be summed up in a sentence, it'd say, BE KIND, the space to be kind is so large.. its largely undefined.. it's a smile.. its words.. its a hand on the shoulder.. its a wink... its these many little gestures that say 'I'm with you', 'keep going girl'.. 'I see you'.. thats all.. choose to be these moments for yourself, and others, allow other women to rise, be the shoulders upon which we find the strength to look within and heal.. be a hug dealer.. be part of the large network that is creating multiple safe spaces for all people at all times.. choose to take the chance on humanity, we will heal the hands that bring the healing.. multiply hope..

As I come to a close, this week was a difficult week for many people across South Africa, Africa as a whole, the world maybe.. we lost a Queen... we lost a woman who taught us resilience.. taught us to not be afraid.. taught us to stand up against injustice.. taught us that sometimes we work hard and history remembers us different to what our actual efforts were, taught us that even so, that doesn't mean we give up.. we continue to be hope.. we continue to fight.. and as South Africa, to never forget where we come from.. women celebrated her on Friday by wearing all black with a doek/head scarf.. the most incredible imagery surfaced.. strongly enforcing that she had not died, but had multiplied.. goosebumps stuff.. I celebrate her.. phenomenal woman.. Mbokodo.. RIP mother of the nation, RIP Winnie Madikizela Mandela.

Constant reminders of the bravery that allows me to be  who and who I AM 

In the spirit of love and magic and kindness, these images for me spoke the loudest about letting go.. being free.. and being kind..Celebrate your wins beautiful, and if you have no one else to tell that today you drove past gym in effort to eventually get in, call me, sms me, DM me, tweet me and I'll celebrate with you boo!

Happy New week loves, you are a force, the decision lies with you as to what force you choose to be, stay courageous <3

Chase sunsets.. always 

The well in which I drink to refresh and restore my hope..

The steed.. her..bae.

We choose to see whats infront of us.. and the beauty before us..

Agree with self to do the work.. to get to the well..

Rest.. listen to your body.

All images are my own **,)/*



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