Sunday, 16 November 2014

Momentum 94.7... The new route

So i seem to always have the worst of luck with the 94.7.. just happens, today was  punctures, lots of tubes, lots of bombs and lots of sobs after the last puncture... on the 3rd puncture i went back to the start after the start climb.. ride/walk down.. to the mechanic whom i asked 10 times to see if what ever kept causing the slow puncture was gone as he assured me he had checked and i could thank him when i see him next... and the trek back up to start again.. spirit was low.. last puncture, the 4th one was up towards the M1, right next to that new shopping centre - the Philile people were amazing, they helped and the gent eventually found the thin metal pin that had been causing me hell, bless them, it was a lovely climb still :)

Felt very sorry for self for the majority of the ride but probably the worst.. not one person offering to help.. it was so weird.. i had 2 mtb'ers stop on my 3rd puncture, i understand everyone wants to do a great time but somehow, this was very discouraging as i begged, it'll teach me to know how to take my back wheel out :( I missed my MTB baaad today.

On to the route**! 
The M1 was... the same :) and somehow the Joe Slovo climb quite a party after id collected myself, loved it.. loved riding in town, it went quicker than i thought, before i knew it we were by the zoo.. not often i enjoy climbing but today the climbs were welcome :)

Trek to the top, Bryanston, coke and water, awesome down hill, steep climb.. Witkoppen, more suffering that felt good in some weird sadist way.. weird enough there had been no bananas at all water points today which was quite disappointing, till we turned off Witkoppen and to my left was a Du Toit box.. we all know that means bananas :), an emergency stop as i was eternally grateful to the lady, and off i was again.

The Malibongwe climb was epic.. definitely felt longer than normal, at the top of this climb was a gent announcing we had 15km's to go.. hmm, Cedar then home? i thought, but no such luck, turned into lion park, awesome fast section and before we knew it, we were on Cedar Road, tired legs and grueling climb, finding my rhythm was all that was needed, young chuckle and into Steyn City we went, another massively fast section leading to a massive climb.. i must admit i didn't see this one coming... the climb was long and just so steep in parts.. as a laugh escaped my lips i realized i'd had a day and a half, and here i was, almost at the finish.. the almost finish place took very long.. patience to the top.. a young lady motivating us '1 km to go' she sang.. and we climbed for another km.. what a finish.. very happy i showed up, and persevered to the finish.

The last thought i had was how we are so quick to call Metro police names yet when they pitch up to make events like this possible we hail them, but when they help on Rivonia in mad traffic its so quickly forgotten.. we all get paid to do what we do, but a 'thank you, you've done great' goes a long way.. anyway.. happy new week good people**!


Sunday, 9 November 2014

Passion to Living Ratio

I love the Sundays when i get a chance to sit and share my thoughts..

The past 2 weeks have been very interesting, deciding to not be ruled by circumstance but making a way to pursue and fulfill the happy fitter me has been happening with my trusted training partner #SuuntoAmbit2.. i have been more consistent.. along with that, good eating too, it feels good :)

In one of my rides in the past week i reflected on my inner while on the bike.. it felt great, I managed a solid training week without giving up time with family and friends.. it was a good balance between work, family, passion and Zandi time... it brought me to the old adage that most cyclists live by 'its all about power to weight ratio'.. surely like everything is relative, this is a relative statement too, its true to a certain extent.. don't get me wrong, everyone wants to be lighter on the bile, but at what cost.. people start living, eating, only conversing and being a refection of their bikes.. loosing self and any value for family and friends.. I've been in this weird place where all i wanted was to be lighter and stronger at all cost, but looking back at the past week.. managing a my training hours within the work week, and still cooking dinner and conversing with my +1 and yes, passing out #likeaboss .. but just that moment..I've taken back the power, I'm not quite a fan of being a passenger, so I'm loving this place :)

Taking the control back has never felt so good, I've always believed in the say 'if you don't have time in the day, then wake up earlier' and this has served me well :)

In other news, yesterday the Bestmed Ladies Team was invited to the Bestmed Chairman's Ball at Velmore Hotel, what an amazing event as the company celebrated 50 years of awesomness and reaching their dreams yet still striving for more in these demanding times, having managed to move with the times and transform within itself.. inspiring.. and we are very lucky girls to be part of the Bestmed family**!

Happy new week good people**!

Don't forget to tell the people whom you love, that you love them, its not always obvious, and too late is a place we are all very familiar with.


Sunday, 26 October 2014

You cant put out what you haven't put in..

Another week has gone by where due to work restrictions i ended up not getting on the bike, not even once in the week.. in short I had a pretty tough weekend on the bike .

On Saturday my +1 and i had a do to go to so i missed the morning ride and had to make this up in the late morning ride going into the afternoon.. hot.. windy.. uncomfortable.. just constant hot insistent wind.. with all the will in the world and 'win talk' with my legs.. i just felt flat.. i eventually stopped at Home of the Chicken Pie to get some sugar in my system -Coke :) in hope to make it home with a sense of humor still.. yes it helped :)

And again this morning we went out for a ride with a few friends, nice and early as i see my nieces today**! But i just had another wet sock ride.. out of place and just off.. started strong but couldn't carry it.. it got me to exactly this thought.. you cant put out what you haven't put in, these inconsistencies on the bike pretty much sum up what my riding has been like for the last 3 odd months.. inconsistent,, and with that.. i choose to be better.. i love the bike and somehow the heavy wind didn't eat at me at the Bestmed Satellite Classic.. i was at a happy place regardless.. weird. And again, much as i sulked, it was a blimmen good ride with some awesome downhills and great company.. the bike is a special place.. no one but you can dictate what happens on it and what keeps you going.. <3 

Everything that happens in our lives is a result of choices that we make.. i love my work.. intense and crazy as it is.. i still choose health... my bike... being and feeling good.. with that mantra said.. its gonna be a great training week! **,)/*

Funny thing is even at your worst ride.. you realize how much it stretches you to endure more.. not just on the bike, but in life.. you've committed to the cause and cant just back out cause you having a tough ride.. the finish is the only option.. perhaps that's the best part about the bike :)

Now time with my nieces**! 

Happy new week beautiful people**!


Saturday, 18 October 2014

Back to back weekends of stage racing and a road race.. mouthful..

So I've been youngly quiet in the past few weeks.. sorry.. but  its been an interesting past 3 weeks, doing the Isuzu 3 Towers in the first weekend of October, the Fedgroup berg & Bush #Descent in the 2nd weekend and then this weekend -The Bestmed Satellite Classic.. what happiness!!

So its not often ill say i enjoyed climbing or enjoyed being on the road bike but somehow i just loved the Satellite Classic.. i was meant to ride the 116 but ended up doing the 80km as a friend was really wanting to ride but not alone, so the easy paced ride was needed but my legs were beyond happy to climb.. it felt good.. :)

A young reflection on the last  2 weekends..

The Isuzu 3 Towers was hella tough - mechanical infested but tough.. every day we started on a 20km climb between 800-1000m vertical ascent.. then an additional 50km with another 1000m vertical spread out.. i suffered but Lord knows i love Sabie for one reason, yes it has crazy climbs but the downhills and single track are beyond rewarding**! 
First day my partner had issues with gears not changing in the last 20 odd Km's, and big ring and Sabie rarely happens so that held us back. And on the second day i broke my saddle 12km's into the 1st 20km climb.. standing and resting to the top/ 1st water point was all that could happen, in between this drama was 2 different ideas on how we could keep the saddle 'on'.. oh boy.. at Waterpoint 1 another guy tried to make my spare tube a seat.. bless you all but we ended up having  to go back to race village to get my saddle sorted, i was determined to ride still so i was dropped off at the last guy on the field and allowed to finish.. <3 MTB and that afternoon.. Rugby as the Springboks made us proud.. the race village was so warm.. loved it! Ps.. its called 3 Towers because you climb to a Tower each day.. i didn't know this.. :)

The last day was beautiful.. lots of climbs, no mechanicals and lots of technical descent towards the end.. yes, i was one happy Bean!!

The Berg and Bush is known for its never ending single track up, down, across.. hmm.. fair climbing, hard terrain as we transversed the Berg, sickeningly amazing single track.. yes, Solly's Folly is worth all the hype it gets... especially with a bit of rain and mist.. i loved it.. first day was a long 95km.. id lost my sense of humor in the last 5 km's - this was the longest 5km's of my life..


Ive always said mtb climbing is harder than road climbing, but Berg and Bush took it a tad further.. single track climbing is tough.. yikes! 2nd day the legs started arriving, and 3rd day they had arrived and i couldn't have asked for a better stage for them to arrive.. this brought great happiness :)

Having missed Cape Pioneer this year and being blessed enough to do these stage races i couldn't help but wonder.. if every race has climbs.. is it not that the natural or differentiating factor should be the quality of the technical single track?.. good races cater for the climbers and the technical riders/downhillers/technical single track lovers.. i think.. hence some pray for uphills... some pray for downhills was all i thought on day 1  as most of the riders dismounted down a technical wet Solly's folly.. we made up time on the technical bits on day 2 and 3.. perhaps its cause i live for technical single track and tummy curdling descents.. i wouldn't have it any different though :) 

... Best single track ridden so far / the amount of effort put into insane downhills and technical single track
1. Bridge Cape Pioneeer
2. Fedgroup Berg and Bush
3. Sabie - everywhere.. in all directions going down :)
4. Sani2C Day 2

I love mtb'ing!!

Saturday, 27 September 2014

The commute and the Juma

So I've had a rather excitable last 2 weeks, I've started commuting to work with a colleague who happens to be hella strong too.. last week was our first week and i must say the transition from the indoor trainer attempts and an out-ride have proved... futile.. maybe not futile as such but Devlin's just hella strong.. as i begged at the foot of his calves on every climb to work, i knew i was in for a constant beating till i can at least hold my own on a climb..

So the long and the short: the commute from home, meet Devlin and ride to work is just under 30km and 588m ascent (Fourways to Selby), but from Devlin to work its just under 25km and 480m climbing. Way home is about 280m climbing and 500m odd descent so yes, the rides  home are crazy fun and games while the ride to work is the personality test... this week  however we ended the week on a win on Friday.. we shaved off a good 7 minutes on the travel to work.. my Suunto loves me, i needed to be told i was getting better next to my encouraging riding partner, even the Linden climb doesn't feel as horrid anymore.. i'm happier being back on the bike.. so needed <3

The most notable thing... riding through the center of town isn't as bad as i would have thought(yes there are crazy moments)... the taxis seem to understand.. the cars accommodating.. mornings frantic with Metros making the inner city more manageable :) bet ya'll never seen the beautiful waterfall just past the bridge towards Milpark/Empire road..  this commute has been a young suffer fest but more a pleasure too!!

Another excitable happening last week was being asked to join a few mtb'ers to ride a few of the new additions to the HollardJuma....boy oh boy what a party!!! There was all the cool kids including Mike Hewan (the Complete Cyclist Machiiiiine with legs to go ;) ), Neil Evans, this invitingly mysterious gent who was our route guide and part of the route building team, baggies and all, he's also known as the Spruit fairy, this was very awesome to hear as I've been very impressed with the bridges on the Spruit and the cleaned up and amplified bridges sure makes for some Urban fun at your door step!! And of course, our host, Andy Hadfield, a very intriguing gent, playful at most but works his iphone impressively too!!

Okay, so where do we start.. we rode up to Montgomery Park from Marks Park, through Melville Koppies, we had a young mechanical, more laughs and proper play mode on the bike then i had to dash back to the office... work.. sigh... but am so happy they let me ride for a few hours still**! 

I picture this race is going to be insane.. just because Jozi mtb'ers are awesome with a fair dash of crazy, the race prize purse has been rumored to be quite high so yes, this will attract the racing snakes too but it will also attract the Spruit lovers, beginners everybody... i picture myself in a pink ballerina outfit going crazy.. yes.. I'm excited if i may say so myself, I've posted a few pics from the ride, picture these x100!

There are still a few entries available, HollardJuma is on 12th October - if not why not ;)


Sunday, 14 September 2014

Chicken Shit

So an update from the previous week - the pursuit to eat well is going great, no strength training from the past week as i was just feeling pap. Rode the weekend which was awesome but probably the most important ride was my Saturday ride, I haven't done an out-ride for the last 6 weeks probably so Devlyn asking me to ride with him was daunting.. to paint the picture, he is proper Afrikaans built..has to be about 2m tall with carves for days and his just strong... if you know what i mean.

The most interesting thought around all this was this : either I know how to pick em, or they just know how to pick me... the hurt locker place..He's been commuting to work so hes gotten quite strong, did i mention he used to race BMX in his younger days????

Anyway, after much deliberation, we went for our ride on the Spruit which was beautiful but included chicken shit moments.. i was scared to take chances..this is always a good thing cause the reminder of what courage is changes everything.. i needed this wake up.. headed to our coffee stop we had a few grumpies on route which didn't make sense as they were either with kids or solo.. how can you be angry on the bike then? I however had reason to be grumpy - feeling like the arse end of diarrhea on every climb as my chest burned i chased those carves ...towards the end, realizing that Bryanston is not flat.. sigh.

He has suggested we ride to work together... says my pedigree shows.. this could have been awkward but he says he can see i can ride a bike.. which is good... I think..

We start commuting to work tomorrow.. i'm chicken shit for that too but when courage knocks, i welcome her with open arms.. we are nothing if we never embrace that first step and try.. will keep you updated on our venture**!

Rode again in PTA on Sunday with a few friends, great ride that landed me with my chin on the edge of a concrete block thing trying to avoid falling into the river.. i was pulling stunts as we all know and i came short proper... landing on my chin rang alarm bells but luckily there's no major damage, little skin, bit o blood- thank heaven for the stuff I'm made of :) but i'm certain I'll show that little trickster who's boss next week!

Happy new week all**

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Outsourcing Humanity

So we've had an intense week of strength training and good eating :), so greeeat**! I'm a bundle of joy with finding rhythm on the bike again and being more consistent = managing work better :)

This weekend has been a rather interesting one and figured i'd share my thoughts..

So i had an epiphany this weekend of how we've become so independent ...we've lost probably the most beautiful part of what it means to be human and being present - we outsource everything that requires effort including being a friend and showing up for family, anything that doesn't desperately need your personal touch will be outsourced. Perhaps this has always been me as I stepped into the shoes of independence - at the tender age of 15 starting work on weekends so i could afford my own jeans, movie outings and all things that make teens happy..  many years later i know how much I've perfected outsourcing... 

I was taken aback by seeing family and neighbours giving their evenings in the week to assist the mourning family, their hard earned weekend to assist the family in mourning, from the peeling of the potatoes, washing dishes and cleaning a house that was not theirs... we don't stretch ourselves so much anymore... not with family or friends... we are uncomfortable with the thought of being uncomfortable... 

This whole encounter reminded to not let go of the most beautiful part of our culture - spreading myself more, in places where my presence/ touch or voice can make a difference, ill be there.. a commitment I've made to myself.. less selfish, more selfless.

In this as well was the reminder of how often we neglect the elderly at these gatherings while seeking comfort of sorts amongst our peers, I in this case didn't have comfort as an option, with my +1's family always a daunting place.. i decided to tuck and roll and spread myself... with this i encountered a different people, a different language, a different culture... moments of not understanding what was being said but the love that flowed past the circumstance enriched me..all those hours so golden and treasured. We spend many weekends with friends and colleagues yet we still give away the opportunity to pick at these rich diamonds still available to us.. paradigm shift has happened.. i love the shoes I've stepped into and the woman i see rising, happy new week all**!

You're the only guard to the light that shines within you.. be selfless.. at its dimmest the light still breaks the darkness